TCS Tracking Number

TCS tracking number is a unique number that is assigned to each shipment and written on the payment receipt that you get from the TCS officer at the time of booking shipment.

Like other global courier companies, TCS also facilitates its customers to track their shipment.

Whether booking a shipment for family or friends or some other official work, we are always curious about the delivery of our shipment to its destination. Sometimes negative thoughts come into our mind, whether our shipment will be delivered or not. In order to remove these apprehensions, TCS is providing a facility of tracking.

You can track your shipments easily while sitting at home by tracking number and with not only through one way but a number of other ways too.


TCS Tracking By Consignment Number

Some people think that maybe TCS parcel tracking can be done by serial number or by vehicle no or by account number. Let me tell you that TCS Tracking can only be done by tracking id/number or consignment number. Basically, both consignment number (CN number) and tracking number are the same.

The tracking number is written on your payment receipt starting with CN.



Tracking Number Format

The tracking number length is 10-12 digits. It is mostly written with CN. Tracking number sample is as follow

CN: 112245879654

This is just an example. Your tracking number will be different from the above; it’s just a format.
In case you have lost your receipt and don’t remember your tracking id.

Then you can visit the same express center from where you have booked your parcel. TCS staff will further assist you. TCS has offices in almost every city of Pakistan like Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, etc.

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Where is the tracking no on TCS slip?

Tracking number information (tracking number) is written on the receipt that you get at the time of shipment booking. You can check online your parcel location with the help of this tracking number.


How long is the TCS tracking number?

TCS shipment t-number is a 10-12 digit number that is written on your receipt.


How to track TCS shipment without tracking number?

TCS shipment can be only tracked by tracking number


How can I track my TCS order?

You can track your shipment by tracking number. A tracking number is a unique number that is assigned to each shipment at the time of booking and is written on the payment receipt.




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